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Chickpea Rice


Simple and easy but delicious, this chickpea rice pilaf, made with healthful chickpeas and brown rice, is exactly what your body wants and craves!

This Indian inspired chickpea rice pilaf comes together quickly and easily with pantry staples. Nutty garbanzo beans, peanuts and veggies like bell peppers and squash fleck garam-masala-spiced brown rice, making each mouthful an adventure in texture and flavor. Serve it with a simple kachumber salad or vegan raita for a delicious weeknight dinner! This is a gluten free, soy free, vegan recipe and it can easily be nut-free.

Overhead partial photo of a chickpea rice bowl with avocado, cilantro and a fork.

If you love serving yourself up a healthful bowl of food every now and then — or all the time — I have for you your new favorite meal. This chickpea rice pilaf is as delicious as it is simple and if you have some cooked rice handy it can go from scratch to done in 15 minutes flat.

I love these one-pot rice recipes, and I’ve shared so many of them with you on the blog, including lemon garlic rice, vegan dirty rice, vegan jambalaya, vegan paella, and vegan arroz con “pollo”. This chickpea rice I have for you here is as delicious as all these, and it’s also more healthful. For one, it’s made with brown rice. It also packs lots of veggies and the chickpeas and peanuts add healthy protein.

The combination of ingredients also creates a dish with lots of texture and flavor. The brown rice is slightly chewy, the peanuts have a lovely bite, and the chickpeas and yellow squash are soft and creamy. Yum.


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