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Healthy High Protein Roti


A homemade roti is already very healthy. But we’ve made it even healthier by adding to it the nourishing goodness of moong (mung bean) sprouts and spinach. This is quite likely the world’s healthiest roti and it’s so soft and very, very delicious. The roti is perfect for weight loss but it’s also great if you’re just looking to sneak more healthfulness into your family’s meals.

High protein roti in black plate with dal and cauliflower sabzi on the side.

In summer I love cooking with sprouted beans and lentils. Foods like these awesome sprouted mung bean burgers, sprouted moong chilla and this classic Maharashtrian curry, misal, are not just delicious and fun, they are also made immensely healthy by the sprouted beans.

I already have a delicious legume-based roti recipe I make often–this delicious besan roti, which is also gluten-free. In my quest to add more sprouts to my family’s diet, I created this latest recipe: a high-protein roti that I think could easily be the world’s healthiest roti. It is loaded not just with the goodness of whole wheat flour, but it also has a walloping dose of mung bean sprouts and spinach.

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