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Top 11 Of My Morning Routine Ideas




Before going to my morning routine ideas, let’s start with this:

The alarm rang, and it is time to wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, and go to work. Will this morning routine get you on top of your activity in the morning before you go to work? I do not think so.

There are some people to whom the term “my morning routine” applies.
Who are accustomed to doing some healthy morning routine that make them start their day with activity and vitality.
Unlike people who wake up with the same morning routine that makes them feel sluggish throughout the day so that they do not have that healthy morning routine that makes them go with creativity and innovation.

Annie Dillard, an American author, says,

“The way we spend our days determines the fate of our lives.”

She spoke a little bit in general, as studies have recently shown that the way we spend our morning routine, in particular, determines the fate of our lives.

Get acquainted with me in this article about my morning routine ideas – scientifically proven – that creative people perform daily, which not only changed their morning routine for the better but also their lives.

Now I’ll show how my morning routine goes!

My Morning Routine Ideas

1- Meditation

meditation: my morning routine

Meditation is an excellent sport that can be practiced at any time of the day, but the best thing to do in the early morning routine, and it is one of the sports that becomes a habit for the morning routine, as it makes their minds clear.

There is a unique type of meditation known as “Open-Monitoring”, which makes a person fully aware that allows him to focus on all thoughts that stem from within him, away from the ideas that come from people and other things.

He will be able to observe the thoughts or beliefs that make him a happy or sad person, active or inactive, motivated or frustrated, and how to control them.

2- Drink a good amount of caffeine

my morning routine with good amount of caffeine to

Drinking any kind of coffee in the morning routine constitutes a good day for you to start your work, as caffeine is the flavor of the morning routine for a high percentage of people.
Drinking a good amount of it makes the mind awake, but the most important thing is that it increases the rate of its secretion of the hormone dopamine, Which, in turn, gives you a sense of motivation when generating ideas through the creativity window inside your mind.

3- Disable phone notifications

One of the most unpleasant habits people do in the morning routine is looking at notifications in their inbox or social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …

This negative habit, which people in the morning routine definitely does not do, is the main reason for failure in the time management process.

So if the first thing your mind sees in the morning routine is the comments of people or what they have posted on their Facebook pages, for example.

Then your mind will be distracted from the tasks that you should do as soon as you wake up, so we recommend that you disable all phone notifications, and allocate five minutes of every hour to check the incoming mail or social networking sites.

My Morning Routine Ideas

4- Pursuing Passion: Another one of my morning routine ideas

Apple co-founder Steve Gober said,

“When I wake up every day in the morning I go to the mirror and ask myself: If this is the last day of my life, do I want to do what I do every day?”

Ask yourself this question, and if the answer is:


Know that you have to make a big change in your life.

If you work in a job that you don’t prefer, make your goal bigger and don’t continue for a long period of your life, even if it is excellent in many aspects, whether financial or psychological,
Follow your passion, do not hesitate to have a freelance job that you choose yourself, and expresses your personality.

5- Morning exercises: The best of my morning routine ideas

Morning exercises stimulate creativity, not only because they secrete endorphins and deliver enough blood to the brain, but also because they help break the morning routine of sitting at work, which negatively affects creativity and innovation skills, and even physical health.

An example of creative people who do this is Anna Wintour, a British journalist. She plays tennis most days at 6:15 am.

6- Waking up quietly

The key to creative ideas is not just the number of hours you sleep, but how you wake up as well, this may mean that you need to get away from staying up late and set your alarm thirty minutes earlier than usual.

Make sure you get enough sleep, as this not only improves your attention. but it’s also linked to increased activity in the right hemisphere, which is closely related to creativity.

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7- The speed of choice

Don’t waste your morning routine energy choosing from a wide range of clothes or different types of coffee, as you keep your morning routine motivation for the creative activities you planned to do during the day.

Barack Obama, the former president of the USA, only wears gray or blue suits. He said,

“I have a lot of fateful decisions to think about.”

So is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who wears the same gray shirt every morning, he told the Financial Times:

“I don’t do my job if I spend any part of my energy on things I consider worthless.”

Simplify your life and conserve your energy to think in creative problem solving, and do not waste even a small part of it on superficial matters that will not help you in developing your life.

My Morning Routine Ideas

8- Commitment

Try to always adhere to good morning routine habits until you get addicted to them.
When you decide to turn into my morning routine person and start waking up early. In addition to morning exercises and other things, do not ever break this morning routine.
Because being lax about that for one time, it may cost you many months And maybe years to return to doing it again, as it is much easier for a person to acquire negative habits than to acquire positive ones.

9- Gratitude

Every day in the morning routine you should feel grateful to God and then to all the people and things around you, as success cannot be easily achieved.
So you should be grateful to the people who helped you along the way to get to where you are now, so be sincerely grateful for the life you worked hard To achieve them, it will allow you to continue working hard, even if you face some difficult challenges.

10- Avoid grumbling

Many people think every morning routine about quitting their job because they do not like to work or do not work in the job that they have always dreamed of, do not be like them.
Try to get away from the constant grumbling about your job, as complaining eliminates creativity and kills everything beautiful Within you, and having a job is excellent, but it is better to work in a job that you love, as you open up the paths of creativity in your mind that are consequently reflected in your life and your achievements.

People’s misconception that the job kills creativity, limits the employees’ ability to think and innovate creatively since working in a job is in line with creativity if a person is working to develop himself to become creative.
According to the difference of the person who performs his job tasks only to obtain his financial dues, and it is the case with most people.

11- Advance planning for my morning routine

Advance planning for my morning routine

Prioritizing the night before your morning wakes you from sleep before the alarm even rings because your mind is ready to start working directly on your tasks in the order written in your to-do list.

Because this method limits the brain’s analysis of the tasks that you must do even if It was simple, and this is an excellent motivator to be extraordinarily creative.
Instead of waking up in the morning and wasting time putting together a to-do list, do it in advance and start your work as soon as you wake up.

In order to be creative in your work, you must do my morning routine and follow all the ideas that prepare you for creativity and innovative thinking, as creative people live different lives in all aspects, the most important of which is the way in which they use their morning routine positively and completely different from others.

Recapping my morning routine ideas:

My life was really boring until I started my morning routine that changed my life

  1. Meditation
  2. Drink a good amount of caffeine
  3. Disable phone notifications
  4. Pursuing Passion: Another one of my morning routine ideas
  5. Morning exercises: The best of my morning routine ideas
  6. Waking up quietly
  7. The speed of choice
  8. Commitment
  9. Gratitude
  10. Avoid grumbling
  11. Advance planning for my morning routine


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