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Secret Signs He Is The One to find out for yourself




Sometimes it is difficult to be sure that someone loves you and he is the one. Even so, some relationship experts believe that certain signs help you determine if someone has feelings of love for you that are more sincere than you can imagine or perceive. 

With a little investigation, you can look for specific behaviors that indicate that the person is secretly loving you.

Sometimes, the person in front of you can be loving you without you even realizing it. Maybe he is the one Or maybe one of your friends that you see a lot on various occasions and places is that lover who carries in his heart all the noble and sincere feelings for you

even though you think that what unites you is nothing but friendship. Or maybe you go out with someone on a date and have conflicting feelings that don’t let you decide whether he really loves you or not. Although he did not explicitly tell you of his love, his movements did so in an intuitive way. 

To get enough information on this topic and to know if he is the one, Business Insider interviewed two relationship experts, one of whom was Dr. Suzana E. Flores – clinical psychologist and author of the book: Facebook Addiction: 

“While there is no foolproof method that gives us the ability to affirm someone’s love for us or not, there are some signs that can reveal His feelings towards us clearly and clearly. ”

Spending a good time with you

“It is not what you do that counts. Rather, what matters is with whom you do that action”

This is absolutely correct. So, take care of the person who is always there for you maybe he is the one , even if the matter that necessitated his existence was not outwardly pleasant. 

Helping you when you move from one house to another, for example. Dr Flores says: 

“Signs that someone might love you include their ability to feel fun and happy with you. Even while you are doing normal business. And if he feels joy and possesses him when he sees you – regardless of what you do – then it is possible that he loves you. ”

Kailen Rosenberg, a founder of The Lodge Social Club, a dating app that does a three-stage process of checking personal records, agrees in her interview with Business Insider where she said:

“A loved one will do everything in their power to help you”

Anything, be it legitimate, problem, or important. . . etc”. 

She added, 

“In sum, he wants to be by your side and with your help, and he also likes to dominate your thinking.”

He is thinking of you a lot

The next time you meet someone you think is your lover and he is the one, notice how many times he looks at you. Harvard psychiatrist Zick Rubin has found an intimate connection between eye contact and love. 

In his study, he says:

 “Both devout lovers look at each other 75% of the time they spend together in their conversation, while people who have a conversation look at each other 30-60% of the time of conversation.”

 “When someone loves you, they will stare directly into your eyes for a long time. He wants to be completely focused when he is with you, and this is what makes personal contact with your loved one more important and better than digital communication. We need emotional contact through eye contact. ”

Dr Flores

Pay more attention: sign he is the one

Everyone has something to keep them busy, right? But people make time for the things and people that mean the most to them.

Maybe someone is loving you when he becomes more interested in you than usual. 

Especially when you sit with each other alone. And Kellen Rosenberg agrees, saying: “This is similar to the situation of you two when you were two children where your friend used to pull you by your hair, or joke with you without affecting your love for each other.

He sympathizes with you through thick and thin

If he is the one he’s not only feels pity for you when something happens to you, but also sympathizes with you, then perhaps this feeling and behavior is another sign of his love for you “he is the one”. 

In other words, his happiness is your happiness, and your pain is his pain.

A person who is sincere in his love will care about your feelings and make sure that you are always your best. If he was sympathetic to you and upset just because you were upset, then he not only supports you and supports you, but it is also possible that he carries sincere love for you in his heart.

Remembers the smallest things

When it comes to reading the secret signs he is the one, you should pay attention to the little things because they will do it. 

For example, you might go with someone you think loves you to watch a movie, and at some point he mixes popcorn with salted peanuts because he once heard you say you like that mixture that combines sweet and salty.

Whoever loves you will remember your birthday, your favorite color, and your favorite meal. . . The little things he remembers and does for you have important meaning too

He introduces you to the dearest to his heart

The greater the number of people he introduces you to – especially those who mean a lot to him in his life, such as family and close friends – the greater the likelihood that he will love you and be sure he is the one

A person who is in love with you sincerely loves you will also do what he can to get you to know his close friends, his partners, and his family, so that he makes you feel your importance to him, and his confidence in you, which makes you comfortable with him

Talking about the future

One of the greatest signs he is the one, how does he do when it comes to the future? Does he speak to you using the language of Deuteronomy (our future, our children, our home) or the language of individuals (my future, my work, my home)?

Of course, one of us does not talk about his plans and what he seeks with anyone, unless he is in love with him and wants to be by his side always, and this is a sure sign that the person loves you.

Dr Flores says, 

“You should notice how the person sitting with you behaves. If he suddenly started talking about his future with you and assured that you are a part of it, then that speech is considered a sign that shows the beginning of his love for you or that he has already fallen in love with you.”

Here we come to the conclusion of our topic about secret signs he is the one, bear in mind that having only one sign is not sufficient to know whether someone is a fan or not, and therefore you should look for more than one sign before judging the feelings of the other person.


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