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These questions to ask your husband brings the two of you closer than you can imagine. When you are with your lover, it is the right time to discuss with him all the matters that concern you and confuse you, especially questions to ask your husband about your relationship together.

Here are some questions to ask your husband when you are alone to get closer to him.

How did you know that I would be your partner?

You know that your husband loves you and that you love him, but did you ever happen to ask him how he knew that you would be his future wife? Perhaps not, and during your conversation, you can ask him this time.

What are the things that bother you about me?

You cannot show me that you are always innocent in front of the beloved, and some things may happen that he does not like about you, and perhaps the time has come to ask him about them and make sure of them, so perhaps you will change them and improve your situation with him.

How do you think our future will be?

You are married, meaning that you both have gone the first half of the relationship, but we must talk about the future and the surprises that bear for you, especially regarding children and similar matters, and it may be an important topic of questions to ask your husband.

Do I know what others do not know about you?

Being the wife, you must know about your husband, there are things hidden from others because he certainly trusts you and knows that you love him, but does he tell you everything about him? You have to ask him this question.

What is a dream vacation for you?

You must travel with your beloved, ask him to which places he would like to go and plan with him to do so and on your trip you will discover more about yourselves without realizing it.

Sexual questions to ask your husband

Renewal, breaking boredom, and maintaining a burning intimate relationship is important for the continuation of marital happiness, as with the passage of a long period of marriage it is necessary to search for everything that brings passion back to the husband again, here are some sexual questions to ask your husband that excite the husband.

What’s on your mind right now?

The things and fantasies that come to your husband are very important, and you need to know what they are and what kind. Many husbands love a different shape for their wives every time, and they imagine them in a certain shape and clothes, and they do not know how to ask for it out of concern for their feelings.

So you have to ask your husband what he imagines about you, and what shape he wants to see you in during the intimate relationship, this is one of the greatest on “sexual questions to ask your husband”

What is the thing that trigger your desire?

Ask your husband about his desire, for every man has a desire that differs from others, there are those whose desire is moved by gentle whispers and words, and there are those whose desire to touch is rised in certain places, and some of them are kisses that are his first and basic besire. As well as laughter, food, some smells, and other things that can be a major reason to rise the husband’s desire.

What place would you like to touch with my hand now?

One of the most important questions on sexual questions to ask your husband, that you must ask your husband during an intimate relationship, and you can ask this question verbally, or ask him to hold your hands and put them in the place he wants.

What kind of intimate relationship do you want right now?

A slow intimate relationship, or a quick rquick one in bed or in a different place in the house, one or several quick and successive situations, so you must know the type of relationship that your husband wants at that moment, so of course this will make a big difference in his enjoyment.

Do you like intimate games?

Many wives think that husbands do not prefer to use various intimate games in intimate relationships, such as a vibrating ring, ropes, holders, etc., but you will be surprised by your husband’s answer when asked in a direct way about that, because even if he does not prefer it, he will love it for a change.

What are the most sensitive zones of your body?

Know the map of your husband’s body and the most exciting zones that he does not like to touch. Every man has his own map, ask him about the zones he prefers to touch at that moment and he will definitely tell you.

What is the intimate position that you love?

Intimate situations differ according to the personality of your husband and his general mood, and you should know the most distinctive situations in him, which make him more enjoying the relationship.

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Another questions to ask your husband

The first set of questions to ask your husband

  • 1- Describe a perfect day for you.
  • 2- What was the most difficult challenge you faced? What did you learn from this experience?
  • 3- What do you want to achieve?
  • 4- What was the strangest dream you had?
  • 5- What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?
  • 6- What is the thing you fear most in your life right now?
  • 7- Name me your most important achievement to this day.
  • 8- If you took over the presidency for only one day, what would you change?
  • 9- Do you want to become a well-known and famous person? In what field?
  • 10- If you won the lottery ticket, what would you do with the money?

The second set of questions to ask your husband

  • 1- Name me beautiful memories that you cannot forget.
  • 2- What is the worst memory?
  • 3- If you found a magic ball that could tell you anything about the future, what would you like to know?
  • 4- What is the quality you value most in a friendship?
  • 5- How would you describe your relationship with your mother?
  • 6- Was your family close to you?
  • 7- Do you ever regret something in the past? What is it?
  • 8- Do you think you lived a happy childhood? What do you remember from them?
  • 9- What game or hobby did you like to play as a child?
  • 10- What stage of your life do you think was the happiest, and why?

The third set of questions to ask your husband

  • 1- What are the challenges you face in our relationship?
  • 2- What is the ideal marital relationship in your opinion?
  • 3- Are you having difficulty on talking to me?
  • 4- What was the first thing that attracted you to me?
  • 5- What do you fear in our relationship?
  • 6- did I ever made you feel like you were alone or rejected? when and how?
  • 7- What is our most beautiful memory as a couple?
  • 8- How did I make sure I would be the right partner for you?
  • 9- Do you feel that it is better to talk directly about a specific problem or wait a little while before the issue is resolved between us?
  • 10- Name 3 things that bother you about my personality and 3 things that you adore.
  • 11- At what time do you feel we are really in tune with each other?
  • 12 – If you were feeling stressed or exhausted, how would you like to respond?

The importance of questions to ask your husband

The relationship between the partners is a very complex relationship and its success depends greatly on the degree of understanding and harmony between them, all of which is based on the extent to which each of them knows the other and this is not an easy matter, as it takes a lot of time and shared experiences to understand each other better, we must not forget that in Often times we do not know aspects of ourselves, so it is natural for them to take some time to get to know each other better.

Romantic behaviors, even at the beginning of the relationship, always help to create a positive atmosphere for the relationship and understanding of each other.

Therefore, ” questions to ask your husband” have an important role in the success of the marital relationship, and if you are unaware of how to behave and do what satisfies the partner, then there is no better way than the direct way to ask about what should be To do and how to strengthen and enhance the romantic relationship with a partner.


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