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How To Be Happy In Life: 15 ways to be happier




How To Be Happy In Life

15. 40% of your feelings of happiness are related to your thoughts, behavior, and actions, 50% of the feeling of happiness is determined by genetic factors, and 10% of the feeling of happiness is determined by your circumstances, in contrast to the belief that circumstances greatly affect a person’s happiness.

14. Happiness is a skill that can be developed through constant practice. You have the power to control how to be happy in life

 and how you go about it.

13. Happy people have lower rates of heart disease, recover quickly after injuries, and live longer… Also, happy people are more following a healthy diet, and they have better immunity.

12. Manage your waiting time

You arrive 10 minutes early, what do you do with this time? Pick up your cell phone and check out social media. Worry about the busy week ahead? Control your thoughts during these short times.

At the start of each month, make a shortlist of happy memories or things to look forward to on a small piece of paper or on your phone.

When you find yourself waiting for the train or standing in line at the grocery store, take out and edit your list. You can even use it when you are only feeling frustrated and needing to change your thoughts. this is a great way on how to be happy in life 

11. Take time to think

The second way on how to be happy in life is time to think, the start of the new year is a good time to pause and review your life. Set aside some time with yourself:

  • – how are you?
  • – What have you achieved?
  • – Are you happier than you were a year ago?

But try to avoid being judged harshly in your answers. You have reached another year, and that should be a good thing.

If you find that your mood has not improved much over the past year, consider making an appointment with your doctor or talking to a therapist.

You may be dealing with depression or even a dire financial condition that has affected your mood. visiting a doctor is one of the best ways on “how to be happy in life “

10. Re-evaluate your goals

one of my favorite things about “how to be happy in life “is to re-evaluate my goals.

People change day by day so think about where you are heading to and think if this is still where you want to go. 

There is no shame in changing your goals. Leave out any goals that no longer serve you, even if they seem cute to you on paper.

Other advices on how to be happy in life:

9. Take care of your body

You hear it all the time and it’s the N°1 on “how to be happy in life” isn’t it because your physical and mental health is closely intertwined. As you build habits to improve your sense of well-being, make sure you follow up on routine appointments to take care of your body:

  • See your primary care doctor for a yearly physical exam
  • Take care of your chronic health conditions and listen to professional advice
  • See a dentist
  • Get checked for your vision

8. Leave the hate: How to be happy in life

Easier said than done. But you don’t have to do it for the other person. Sometimes, offering forgiveness or dropping a grudge is more about self-care than compassion for others.

Evaluate your relationships with others. Does it lead to any resentment or bad faith towards someone? If so, consider reaching out to them in an attempt to bury the hatchet. 

This does not mean that there will be reconciliation. Sometimes you may just need to end the relationship and move on. 

7. Enjoy the moment

Don’t put off joy and wait for your life to become less busy or less stressful one day. This day may not come. Think about how to be happy in life

Instead, look for opportunities to enjoy the simple joys of everyday life. Focus on the positive in the present moment, instead of thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

Although the concept of happiness differs from one person to another, scientists believe that happiness is related to the extent of your satisfaction with your life, and the extent of your feeling about your daily affairs.

6. Maintaining constant levels of moderate happiness over a period of time is healthier than leaps of excessive happiness.

5. Happy people: how to be happy in life

Happy people are more productive in their work and have deep relationships with others, and they do volunteer work and help others more, and they are more charitable and more creative in solving problems.

4. You can foster a feeling of happiness by establishing relationships, helping others, and feeling grateful for what you are. this is how to be happy in life

3. Adding new experiences makes us happier, more grateful, more hopeful and reduces the level of stress, guilt, and depression. And it enhances the parts of the brain associated with happiness.

2. Three things destroy your happiness over time: Comparing yourself to others, lack of close friendships, and holding on to resentment.

1. Diversity in life makes you feel happier. Being aware of life’s challenges also helps shape your identity and become more optimistic about the future.


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