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10 Factors affecting compatibility in a relationship




Compatibility in a relationship, in many cases it is hard for a woman to understand her partner, the man may also suffer from the same thing, as reaching the largest percentage of understanding the other.

Factors affecting compatibility in a relationship

1- Listening:

Understanding brings together the partners to the compatibility in a relationship, this will be reflected in many of their behaviors towards each other, such as listening well, especially in times of problems, in an attempt to reach the best solutions.

2- Respect the feelings:

All loving relationships are based on respect for the feelings of both partners.

As the lack of interest in them creates barriers and reduces communication, which affects the duration of the relationship and shortens its life.

3- Adding humor to the relationship:

This creates a wonderful atmosphere between the two partners, even if they are discussing one of the serious and important topics.

They will find themselves dealing with it with a lot of laughter and fun, which will positively affect the relationship.

4- Honesty: compatibility in a relationship

Honesty is one of the most important factors that affect compatibility in a relationship.

Especially since any small lie often leads to a larger and more complex lie, so it is best, to be honest with your partner even if it will hurt him.

5- Speaking in the future tense:

Talking about the future is one of the most important healthy habits in a successful engagement and compatibility in a relationship.

The two partners must talk about their lives and their arrangements with each other, as well as make joint decisions about what they agree to do.

6- Avoid crises:

As long as you both understand each other well, you will avoid committing any act that would anger the other, thus avoiding problems between you, which in turn creates an atmosphere of calm and stability in the relationship.

7- A comfortable relationship:

So both of you feel that their choice was right to share your life, which will affect your decisions, so you do not feel that you have rushed to make this fateful decision.

8- Shape and attractiveness:

Many people may find that the form is an important factor that affect compatibility in a relationship.

They may exaggerate giving it great importance and think that human relations are based on form, and this is not true, and people may exaggerate the opposite, so they do not care about the external appearance at all and neglect their appearance to the fullest extent.

9- Understanding and love: Great factor that affects compatibility in a relationship

To love a person requires you to understand him, for in relationships each partner must understand the other’s point of view, even if he is not convinced of it.

He must respect and appreciate it, give excuses to the partner and not monitor his mistakes one by one.

10- Attention and Care:

One of the things that shows the extent of love for the partner, even if one of them follows the policy of love in the heart, it may arrive one day in which his partner sees that he cannot trust this love, so each partner must express his love and interest in different ways, and he does not avoid expressing it verbally or Physically.

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